LogBook is a cloud-based online platform, which logs your vehicles trips for FBT reporting purposes. It uses an external device, which is easily installed in your car to send information to your account in real-time. At the end of your logbook period, you simply download a PDF report which shows your business use percentage ready to be sent to the ATO.

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Is the device compatible with my car?

Our device is compatible with all production vehicles manufactured after 1996. It is plug and play and installation requires no tools or modifications to your vehicle at all. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is compatible, just get in touch with us and we’ll confirm it with you.

How accurate is your data?

We use a combination of GPS locations and actual vehicle diagnostic data to record the mileage of a trip with little or no variance with the odometer in your vehicle. Other logbook apps or devices, which only use GPS tracking are subsequent to variances because of corner cutting and loss of GPS signal in tunnels or areas with no signal.

Is the device obstructive?

The LogBook lives in the car and once installed is out of sight and out of mind. It doesn’t need to occupy your cigarette lighter charging point or require any adhesive on your console or dash. It also wirelessly sends data automatically so you never need to take it out of the car to do an upload or worry about cables.

I’m worried about installation.

The LogBook is simple to self-install. Generally, installation takes an average person less than 2 minutes and we provide video tutorial guides to help out with step-by-step commentary. When we call it ‘plug and play’ we mean it literally.

Is this product ATO compliant?

Yes. Our product and process has been approved by the ATO and we consulted closely with one of Australia’s leading FBT & Tax Consultants during development of the product. View the ATO class ruling here.

What happens at the end of the logbook period?

Once you’ve finished logging, download your logbook in PDF or CSV and send to your accountant or fleet manager. Your logbook will be stored in our secure cloud server for 5 years and you can access it anytime you need. Then, simply send us back the device with the postage paid envelope and we will recycle it.

How are you different to all the other logbook apps?

We tried all the apps on the market and discovered there was one underlying problem – it still required you to do most of the work.

Typically the user needs to remember to start the app every time they want to start a trip. The app has to run for the whole duration of the trip, draining the phone’s battery at the same time. Then the user has to remember to end the trip upon arrival (while rushing off to wherever they need to go!).

We also found that the GPS accuracy and the time taken to find the initial location resulted in the trip information being incorrect or incomplete (in some instances we were half way to our destination before the device finally found our location).

The LogbookMe device overcomes all of these constraints by collecting all the data automatically from the vehicle, which enhances the accuracy of the trip records and the driver doesn’t need to worry about forgetting to start or stop the log.

The LogBook also gives users the flexibility to just drive then classify the trips at a later time when it’s convenient for them. All the data is collected and stored safely in the cloud.

How long does it take for my devices to arrive?

We have stock in our Sydney warehouse and can deliver next day to most locations around Australia.

What if the device doesn’t work – is there a warranty?

We look after the device for the life of your logbook. If it stops working we will either troubleshoot with you or deploy a new device within a day.

How can I purchase?

Please contact us for pricing information. We have 2 plans at the moment, which are a 12-week logbook or a 52-week logbook. Both can be extended if required.

Who is behind LogbookMe?

The creators behind the Logbook are GDML Interactive.

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